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Designed for software developers, Sentirest is the ultimate tool to determine a sentiment of a text, that can easily be used within your application written in .

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Quick and Simple
Due to the REST interface our service can be easily integrated to basically every project, no matter what language is used and how complex the solution is.
Lightening Fast
Our service is cloud based and built with the latest technologies, that allows us to do all the heavy lifting for you in tenth of a second for thousands simultaneous requests.
100+ languages are supported, therefore you don't need to bother about dealing with multiple services. Even emoticons are covered. Everything is here, couple of code lines away from you.
Fully Documented
We're convinced that like a good joke, well designed service doesn't need an explanation. That's why we provide you with a lots of ready-to-use code snippets instead. Copy-Paste-Go!

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Start using our service straight away. Use your free limit, or "pay as you go" if you need more capacity. No need to buy any subscriptions.

The result has two main structures:
  • sentiment - Sentiment (POSITIVE | NEGATIVE | NEUTRAL | MIXED), sentiment score, and confidence level.
  • keyphrases - Key phrases picked up by NLP (sort of AI).

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Sentirest makes it super easy to enrich your project with powerful cloud-based functionality with zero impact to your project performance.